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"I was so happy to find Dr. Alladawi on Yelp! He used to work at the clinic that my grandmother goes to and I took her to a few visits with him. She LOVES him and I understood why after I went with her and saw how caring and professional he was. When I got pregnant I asked her for his information and she said he was at another clinic now, but wasn't sure where. I'm so lucky he didn't go far! If you want a great doctor, he's the one I recommend. Pretty soon he'll be taking care of my whole family!" 
- Pricilla W.

"When I see Dr. Alladawi I know that he has my best interests, and the health of my babies in mind. He always makes sure to address my concerns and asks me questions to make sure that he has a full understanding of what I want to know. When he explains things, it's in a way that any normal person can understand, not complicated medical jargon. I'm now going through my second pregnancy, which has been markedly different from the first, and I have seen Dr. Alladawi during both. I would recommend him to any woman in a heartbeat."
- Julianne R.

"This doctor was heaven sent. I have been seeing doctors the last 5 years for what I was told a problem I had to live with. Dr. Alladawi figured out in my first visit what was wrong with me and now one month later I am not having any of the medical issues I was having before. He is throrough, knowledgable, and put me at ease. His office is nice and getting an appointment was very easy."
- Alicia P.

"I had a great experience from Dr. Alladawi and staff. At first I was a bit hesitant simply because Dr. Seif was my dr for my previous pregnancy but I'm glad i didn't let my hesitation get the best of me because come to find out (dr. Alladawi) also was always thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He addressed every concern I had. When my leg was swollen he sent me, SAME DAY for an ultrasound. When I told him my pregnancy history he placed me on progesterone shots to help have a full term pregnancy. He made sure all my questions were answered and I felt very comfortable in his care. He also tied my tubes right there in the office, which i found extremely convenient. His staff always greeted me and I found them to be caring individuals. I would definitely refer him."
- Maria T.

"I would disagree with L.Y. Dr. Alladawi has been my OB/GYN for 3 years and I have always had a great experience. He is very caring and always takes the time to answer all my questions." 
- Luann J.

"I can honestly say the enviroment here is so warm and welcoming. my wife and i are getting ready to deliver our first child, and Dr. Alladawi has done a great job guiding us through this whole journey."
- Kevin T.

"I was going to another clinic when i was pregnant with my first child. then i got recommended to come here and i absolutely LOVE it. I've never been treated so well, everyone here feels like family already. They are really organized at the front desk and the girls are great! My doctor is Dr. Alladawi and he's done a really awsome job so far. I'm almost due actually and I feel like he's the perfect Dr. to deliver litte Charlotte" 
- Madion G.


"Lovely enviroment, good to know these people atually care about their patients. Dr. Alladawi and Seif are great at what they do. Wouldnt want to go anywhere else.Front desk was very organized and had their thigs togehter, really friendly and funny too, feels like home."
- Nataly G.

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